i'm hannah and i wasn't at the tigers game. cool story though


cute girl on the street: hey do you have the time?

me: sure do! 8:15

cute girl on the street: thanks 

me: so what are we?

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Yah man I had the Mac Pro like for 6 years and when I got my new one it has more storage it’s good! But also you could get a college discount and get it for like 100 bucks cheaper if you know someone in college

Wtf how do I go about getting that? like do i have to pay thru their name or

Get the normal pro it’s only 1200

is that enough space for you? cuz i dont wanna run out

when my fine comes in the mail for running that red light today i want 1d to pay it in full bc they the reason! fuck I Would that song goes hard as hell but FUCK IT

Q: i got the retina 13 inch with the lowest storage and i just have hard drive for all my other stuff, so my computer is less cluttered anyway and my stuff is backed up. i was so cheap i didn't even wanna pay for more storage lol (Anonymous)

i’m rly bad with storage tho so i need more kms

Q: Tbh if you're gonna spend the money then go for the MacBook Pro it's a lot nicer and isn't that much more expensive (Anonymous)

oh i will i dont want the air lol

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